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PH Genetics Meme| Penelope Voclain by Feurette PH Genetics Meme| Penelope Voclain by Feurette

For the Genetics Meme
Crack daughter of Terabyte x Kingston

Meet Penelope "Penny" Voclain

- She's 15 years old, and a mute.
- She speaks through her tablet, which she modified herself. 
- She's actually surpassed her mother with her abilities with technology at her age. 
- Spoiled by her mother up to the point of her barely knowing how to do things on her own. 
- She likes to show emojis mostly as a way to express herself. She can be very talkative if you're patient enough. 
- Despite both her parents being egotistical and not afraid to speak their mind, Penny is actually very quiet as well as hesitant with a lot of things. 
- Probably doesn't spend much time with her dad since she's not one to want to disturb others. Adores his artworks from afar and only wants to make him proud of her.

- Is quite obsessed with triangles. 
- Has her mother's version of mech-spiders in the form of centipedes.
- Loves to talk to people who is patient enough to wait for her to type. Is reluctant to associate with hyper people.
- Has taken up her dad's hobby of art and is actually very good at it. Though she can't handle taking compliments very well.
- Favorite way to eliminate a target is sabotaging through traffic lights and city means. Loves tracking and stalking through the web.

Her original concept was made by :icongingykrisp:
Art by me©Fuerette :3c
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February 23
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