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Relationship Tracker | Terabyte by Feurette Relationship Tracker | Terabyte by Feurette

Character relationship tracker for ProxyHigh OC - Terabyte

Also probably stole this idea from summabadger nyeheheheh

Holy heck, this girl knows a lot of peeps tho. I probably forgot some of them //sweats

|| Character Relationships ||

Key: Bullet; Orange Acquaintance | Bullet; Green - Friend | Bullet; Black - Dislikes | Bullet; Blue - Unsure | Bullet; Yellow - Interested By/Curious | Bullet; Purple - Saddened By | Bullet; White - Fearful Of | Bullet; Pink - Crushing On | Bullet; Red - Love (applies romantically & platonically) {F2U} Fuchsia Rose Bullet Considers and/or is family | 

|| Red Class ||

Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Red Mikola - "You were one of my first friends and best teacher."
Mikola was one of the first friends that Terry ever made in PH, and someone that she's looked up to in quite an endearing way. And while she questioned her ways at life at first, she finds her outgoing and loose personality to be quite 'educational' as Terry herself was a bit of a stickler when it came to manners and such from old habits. She always loved learning about different things from her 'senpai', from self-defense to anime. Not too long ago, after an assignment mishap, she found herself wanting to learn more about self-defense from her as well as knowing nothing but "Do it for him."

Bullet; OrangeBullet; Yellow Lover - "I thought you were pretty neat, I think I could actually learn a thing or two from you."
She is a bit leery of Lover ever since seeing her straight up tear someone apart in the forest, but she's still curious about her as she doesn't seem like the type of red class that she's observed. Course, then again, who's what they seemed at first glance? Anyways, she hasn't interacted much with her as far as being personal goes, but she thinks pretty highly of Lover which, if you ask her, would be an honor that she does. She still adores her hair and wishes that she knew her 'secrets' about it, having a bit of that floof obsession still embedded in her brain.

Bullet; GreenBullet; OrangeBullet; Yellow Mallory - "You're more sane than the rest of us here, are you even a typical Proxy?"
Albeit, Mallory does seem to be a bit more different than when they first met. She, to Terry always seemed like the kind that was 'more sane' than everyone else. Mallory never seemed trigger-happy to her, compared to some students, and in an extent herself. She's curious about her and how she ended up in this school.

Bullet; OrangeBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Ray - "You are a real case of curiosity for me. I wonder what your history is."
Ray is definitely different from the definition of "human" for Terry. Which made her want to inquire more about her. Her cougar is nice and calm, making Terry now question the nature of animals.

|| Blue Class ||

Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red Jae - "I never realized it but, you were always there for me... I never thought I'd grow feelings for you."
Terry definitely had a puppy crush on him since they first met because of her obsession for blue eyes, but that was about the only reason why. And back then, she crushed on every guy she deemed 'cute', but it was never to the point of wanting a relationship; just something to have a platonic buddy with. Starting with hanging out more, as well as going into some missions together, and waiting for him to 'come back home' whenever he went out, she never realized how she was attaching herself to him. That was until he started consoling her at night when she would cry a lot because of surfacing regrets and emotions eventually leading to them getting closer than they think. The two are very, very close, with Jae being the only one she is truly open too. Loves it when he calls her Boo, and she sometimes calls him bae or some other name she can come up with at the moment.

{F2U} Fuchsia Rose BulletBullet; GreenBullet; Green  Faber/Shuttereye - "I feel like I have this strange feeling that you remind me of someone I used to care a lot about.."
Faber and Terry had gotten along ever since they first met. With a lot of things in common, including baking and being excitable in general, he reminds her of someone she cared about in the past, though she's not exactly sure who. Be that as it may, she definitely cares about him in a more than friendly way. Platonically.

|| Green Class ||

Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green Livewire - "Hey, we've hung out for a while now! I really feel like you're one of my closest friends."
Meeting the virus-esq girl before Liv joined the school, Terry had learned a lot about certain things and the outside world from her. Definitely one of her closer friends, Livewire is sort of like a big sister that she goes to whenever she needed to go to someone about homework or to talk about girl 'things'.

Bullet; YellowBullet; Orange  Geneviere - "You're an interesting case; I feel like I could learn a lot from and about you"
She doesn't know much about Gene, but she loves the fact that she's French for reasons unknown even to her. She's quite curious about her since Gene seems like the type to keep a lot of secrets, and secrets are like that one drug she gets high from.

Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Kitty - "I feel like we're both suffering from the same things but you're a lot stronger than me"
Meeting Kitty on more than one occasion, she always found her to be in some sort of pain. Whether it's obvious, or whether she needed to do a bit more research. 

Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Orange Troy/Oddyseus - "You're funny and fun to hang around with sometimes. We should hang out more besides the chatroom Except the forest. Please not there again~"
Hey, someone she can make nerd jokes with without feeling awkward. Troy is someone she doesn't mind hanging out with, especially since she finds him funny and chill to hang out with. His dogs are the only two she trusts as far as animals, since they did help her when it came to that one time in the forest.

|| Yellow Class ||

Bullet; OrangeBullet; BlueBullet; Yellow Kingston - "I dunno. I think there's more to you than what meets the eye."
Kingston is someone that she's noticed to be quite egotistical and full of themselves. During their interactions, they would lowkey salt each other, however she never dared to take it any further than that. During one Forest Mission however, her outlook on him has changed.. for the better?

Bullet; YellowBullet; Orange Jared - "Bee king, haha! That's really interesting though and I would love to learn more."
Finding out how he can 'control' bees in a way, she was really curious as to how he managed to learn how to do that. Jared was someone she wouldn't really bother seeing as how he always seemed to upset or annoyed at everything.

Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Skell - "You saved my life once, and you're a really cool person."
Though she doesn't know Skell besides the fact that she's dating Troy, saved her life once, and listens to music. Terry still considers her trustworthy enough, not to mention a very cool person. Finds it funny how she labeled herself, "The Protection Saint." And condoms.

Bullet; OrangeBullet; Yellow Owlet - "You seem really interesting and cute. I just love your pet!"
Owlet is so... smoll. But something tells her not to mess with her or even try to. She seems nice enough tho so she wonders what her relationship with King is. Were the rumors true about them dating? She never really looked into that. Nuyu is something she just absolutely adores though!

{F2U} Fuchsia Rose BulletBullet; GreenBullet; Green Lyric - "You treat me like a little kid sometimes, but it's alright. You're fun to make music with among other things."
Lyric, or as she sometimes affectionately calls him Lyly, was one of her first friends and supporting columns. He reminds her of one of her more strict but still loving brothers because of the fact that he plays music along with his personality. However, there is enough differences between them for her not to confuse the both of them. Lyric was one of the few that she was open to about her problems and feelings due to how casual she feels around him. After breaking down from a failed assignment, she has only began to lean on him even further; sometimes to the point of telling too much and regretting it a bit after. The two get along pretty well for the most part, sometimes being the complete polar opposites of each other, with music their strongest binder. Of course, there are times when they don't and those times are when either Terry pranks him and messes up with his stuff, or if he asks too much questions at the wrong times which ends with her yelling at him. All in all, these two are pretty tightly knit.

|| Outside the Student Body ||

{F2U} Fuchsia Rose BulletBullet; RedBullet; PurpleBullet; White Terence "Brother.. Please... Just let me live my life... Stop doing this to me!!" 
Her actual blood brother that came from the the 'dead'. He wants to bring her back home for reasons unknown and since he has made his presence known, with the fact that he is a proxy hunter, she is more leery with who she trusts. Terence is someone she doesn't want to run into a dark alley or worse, alone without anyone knowing where she is/have gone to. 

Lately the two had been seen hanging out off school grounds more and more. Those are just rumors tho. But are they true?

{F2U} Fuchsia Rose BulletBullet; RedBullet; Red Glitch "My little baby; from the moment you were 'born' I told myself I would kill anyone and anything that would harm you heehee."
The very first sentient AI that Terry made, which made her ecstatic. The little ball of computer codes and numbers only adds onto her little narcissism after all, telling herself that there isn't anything she can't make (there's a lot but let her have her moment). She just absolutely adores this little sassy child of hers and spoils her to no end, often brushing off her little mischief making as merely fun, little jokes as well as defending her from the accusations of other people, spare for the times Glitch may have tampered with her own stuff.

Terry and Terence belongs to me
All characters belong to their respective owners
ProxyHigh is by the lovely and wonderful - :iconummuvonnadia:
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Stargazergamer Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Student General Artist
Livewire: *squishes Terry in a hug* Love you too, sweety!
Feurette Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Terry: *gets surprised by the squish* Waah, Liv! Hai, you nearly gave me a heart attack! *Hugs her back and laughs*
Stargazergamer Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Student General Artist
Livewire: You're welcome! *laughs*
Ae-Jeong Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My dear green kiddo

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InsomniacArisen Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
Eyyyyyyy I was wondering when this'll be up.
Wow, tho 17 people lil Terry knows and only one is borderline bad/good in her eyes.
Feurette Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pffttt ikr
InsomniacArisen Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
Woulda thought she had more people who knew her.
The gal changed so much. Lol
Feurette Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She interacted with a lot of people tbh
I just forgot/didn't put it here since she hasn't really spent as much time with them as the ones listed here heeeeee
InsomniacArisen Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
Pfft I can’t blame you then.
Also seeing that Terry is terrified of her brother and sees Lyric as a brother (obviously one of her brothers that she isn’t fearful of). Would it kinda conflict her and Austin if Terrence was to find them?
Feurette Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Boi, her relationship with her brother is now a rocky one. 
There's times when they're like goody goody with each other and other times, they try to kill each other so yeah
Probably lol
InsomniacArisen Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
I know that. XD
I got the feeling that Cadence will be having to keep inbetween the two in case Austin & Terrence are fighting. Lots of salt, shit and stuff.
I really don't wanna say such as I feel like this is like doing that thing without asking. D:
Feurette Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, say away XD
Tbh, with her new outlook on life, who knows
She might just let the two at it and wtch with popcorn or chocolate pfftt
Occasionally throwing out supporting jeers at whoever she feels like

"Whoo hoo, kick his butt Lyly!"

*Ten seconds later*

"You got this Terri!"

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